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Money and happiness

5. Oktober 2008
The traditional conception of the selfish homo economicus, who only thinks about costs and benefits, is inadequate. [mehr]

Empathy depends on bodily feelings

11. August 2008
The ability to empathize with other people appears to be closely linked to the ability to interpret one's own feelings. [mehr]

Why do people behave economically?

5. April 2008
Tania Singer measures the brain activity of subjects playing economic games. [mehr]

Investigating compassion with vim and vigor

29. Februar 2008
Neuroscientist Tania Singer studies human social behavior. [mehr]

How to overcome selfishness

24. Februar 2008
Neuroscientist Tania Singer aims to determine how empathy can be increased through training. [mehr]

Feeling what others feel

6. Dezember 2007
Our brains are hardwired for social interaction. University of Zurich scientist Tania Singer aims to find out how we can improve our ability to empathize through training. [mehr]

Deserved misfortune

20. Januar 2006
Scientists have shown that the tendency to gloat is deeply rooted in the neural structure of our brains. And, apparently, men gloat more than women do. [mehr]

He who loves empathizes

20. Februar 2004
Scientists have shown that the brain areas controlling the emotional reaction to one's own pain also become active when one see one's partner in pain. [mehr]
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