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January 29, 2016
Hirn im Musikrausch

Wenn Kunst und Wissenschaft verschmelzen: Preisgekrönte Theaterperformance „Musicophilia“ durch MPI-Forscher begleitet

January 26, 2016
Understanding speech not just a matter of believing one’s ears

Researchers discover how the brain completes sentences

January 22, 2016
A new study on meter and rhyme

Both meter and rhyme are likely to support enhanced perceptual processing ease

January 8, 2016
A forward thinker of our economics

Director, Tania Singer has been voted to be among the top 50 most influential women for the German economy.

December 21, 2015
The brain concentrates on the objective

When it comes to planning actions, the goal is more important than the approach

December 4, 2015
Ehrendoktorwürde für Professor Prinz

Prof. Wolfgang Prinz durch Psychologisches Institut der Deutschen Sporthochschule Köln geehrt

November 27, 2015
PhD oppurtunities at IMPRS NeuroCom

This year's round of applications for candidates to the NeuroCom graduate school will run until the beginning of January 2016.

November 5, 2015
It's all in the tone

Scientists discover neural communication pathways for prosody

August 7, 2015
Dein ICH in MIR

Verschiedene neuronale Routen führen zum Verständnis unserer Mitmenschen

July 21, 2015
IMPRS Summer School am MPI CBS

Die fünfte Veranstaltung ihrer Art geht erfolgreich zu Ende

July 8, 2015

A Trance State of Consciousness is associated with a Specific Brain Network Signature and Perceptual Decoupling

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