Research Groups (W2)

Anatomical Analysis of the Organization of the Human and Non-Human Primate Brain

We study the cortical microanatomy with high-field (7 Tesla) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with a structural resolution in the sub-millimeter range. [more]

Branco Weiss Fellowship Group - EGG (Emotions & neuroimaGinG)-Laboratory

Every year nearly twice as many women as men develop a depressive illness. While this suggests that sex hormones play a key role in depression, it is neither understood in depression, nor in health how they affect mood. [more]

Modulation of Language Networks

Language is organized in large-scale parieto-temporo-frontal networks in the human brain. [more]

Neural interactions and dynamics

Our group is interested in understanding functional implications of large-scale spatio-temporal neuronal complexity in the human brain. [more]

Social Stress Lab

Psychosocial stress is a major public health burden in modern societies. [more]
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