"Ich denke, dass er denkt, dass ..."
Anyone who investigates how children acquire language encounter the grammar centre of the brain. Angela D. Friederici during a conversation with Die ZEIT newspaper on universal grammar and the brain structures that enable us to process language. more
Sprache im Gehirn:
This 'brain podcast' with Angela D. Friederici on her book about language as a uniquely human capacity provides an excellent overview to listeners of all backgrounds. A conversation about the earliest knowledge acquired from patients with brain lesions, newer tools allow researchers to correlate concepts from Linguistics with the neuroscientific tools and an increasing interest in the connections between the various brain areas that are involved in language. more
Prof. Angela D. Friederici: Ist die Entwicklung von Sprache bei Kindern auch auf Molekülebene sichtbar?
The idea: Complicated stuff needs to be explained. In Latest Thinking, the researchers personally explain their latest insights into the realities of life. more
Die Spuren der Dyslexie im Gehirn
Angela D. Friederici vertritt mit ihrem Forschungsprojekt die Max-Planck-Gesellschaft bei der Vortragsveranstaltung "Perlen der Forschung für die Anwendung" more
Professor Angela D. Friederici zu Gast im BR alpha-Forum
A conversation about the development of language during the course of our lives, her work as vice president of the Max Planck Society, and the value of basic research to uncover truly new findings.
The BR alpha forum invites outstanding personalities from the fields of politics and business, science and society, and culture and religion to engage in profound discussion, in which there is enough time for details and nuances and not only attention-grabbing quotes. more
Free educational tools for cognitive neuroscience, Angela D. Friederici - Language and the Brain.

...see the interview compilations. more
Unser Gehirn, Basis der Sprachprozesse: Struktur und Funktion 3-D Modell
For more information see "The brain basis of language processing: From structure to function." Physiological Reviews, 91, 1357-1392. Short overview of the current model. ...an interactive model. more
Große Fragen, die uns direkt im Kern berühren. Zum gegenwärtigen Stand der Hirnforschung auf dem Gebiet der Sprache.
In der Sprache steckt so viel Biologie wie menschliche Kultur. Wir können spielend Wörter kombinieren und ihre Bedeutungen erweitern. Hirnforscher stoßen so an Grenzen: Die persönlichen Gedankenwelten zu entziffern will nicht gelingen. Das setzt auch der digitalen Welt immer noch Limits. more
Sprache – grenzenlos im neuronalen Netz
This article appeared in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. more
Johannes Gutenberg-Stiftungsprofessur
Lectures during the summer semester 2010 at the University of Mainz on the topic "Language and brain" more
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