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Zeitschriftenartikel (19)

  1. 2016
    Whitaker, K. J.; Vértes, P. E.; Romero-Garcia, R.; Vása, F.; Moutoussis, M.; Prahub, G.; Weiskopf, N.; Callaghan, M. F.; Wagstyl, K.; Rittmann, T. et al.; Tait, R.; Ooi, C.; Suckling, J.; Inkster, B.; Fonagy, P.; Dolan, R. J.; Jones, P. B.; Goodyer, I. M.; the NSPN Consortium; Bullmore, E. T.: Adolescence is associated with genomically patterned consolidation of the hubs of the human brain connectome. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113 (32), S. 9105 - 9110 (2016)
  2. Kazan, S. M.; Mohammadi, S.; Callaghan, M. F.; Flandin, G.; Huber, L.; Leech, R.; Kennerly, A.; Windischberger, C.; Weiskopf, N.: Vascular autorescaling of fMRI (VasA fMRI) improves sensitivity of population studies: A pilot study. NeuroImage 124 (A), S. 794 - 805 (2016)
  3. Todd, N.; Moeller, S.; Auerbach, E. J.; Yacoub, E.; Flandin, G.; Weiskopf, N.: Evaluation of 2D multiband EPI imaging for high-resolution, whole-brain, task-based fMRI studies at 3T: Sensitivity and slice leakage artifacts. NeuroImage 124 (A), S. 32 - 42 (2016)
  4. 2015
    Weiskopf, N.; Mohammadi, S.; Lutti, A.; Callaghan, M. F.: Advances in MRI-based computational neuroanatomy: From morphometry to in-vivo histology. Current Opinion in Neurology 28 (4), S. 313 - 322 (2015)
  5. Todd, N.; Josephs, O.; Callaghan, M. F.; Lutti, A.; Weiskopf, N.: Prospective motion correction of 3D echo-planar imaging data for functional MRI using optical tracking. NeuroImage 113, S. 1 - 12 (2015)
  6. Callaghan, M. F.; Helms, G.; Lutti, A.; Mohammad, S.; Weiskopf, N.: A general linear relaxometry model of R1 using imaging data. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 73 (3), S. 1309 - 1314 (2015)
  7. Helbling, S.; Teki, S.; Callaghan, M. F.; Sedley, W.; Mohammadi, S.; Griffiths, T.; Weiskopf, N.; Barnes, G.: Structure predicts function: Combining non-invasive electrophysiology with in-vivo histology. NeuroImage 108, S. 377 - 385 (2015)
  8. 2013
    Freund, P.; Weiskopf, N.; Ashburner, J.; Wolf, K.; Sutter, R.; Altmann, D. R.; Friston, K.; Thompson, A.; Curt, A.: MRI investigation of the sensorimotor cortex and the corticospinal tract after acute spinal cord injury: a prospective longitudinal study. Lancet Neurology 12 (9), S. 873 - 881 (2013)
  9. Sereno, M. I.; Lutti, A.; Weiskopf, N.; Dick, F.: Mapping the human cortical surface by combining quantitative T(1) with retinotopy. Cerebral Cortex 23 (9), S. 2261 - 2268 (2013)
  10. Weiskopf, N.; Suckling, J.; Williams, G.; Correia, M. M.; Inkster, B.; Tait, R.; Ooi, C.; Bullmore, E. T.; Lutti, A.: Quantitative multi-parameter mapping of R1, PD(*), MT, and R2(*) at 3T: A multi-center validation. Frontiers in Neuroscience (2013)
  11. Lutti, A.; Thomas, D. L.; Hutton, C.; Weiskopf, N.: High-resolution functional MRI at 3 T: 3D/2D echo-planar imaging with optimized physiological noise correction. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 69 (6), S. 1657 - 1664 (2013)
  12. 2012
    Scharnowski, F.; Hutton, C.; Josephs, O.; Weiskopf, N.; Rees, G.: Improving visual perception through neurofeedback. The Journal of Neuroscience 32 (49), S. 17830 - 17841 (2012)
  13. Dick, F.; Tierney, A. T.; Lutti, A.; Josephs, O.; Sereno, M. I.; Weiskopf, N.: In vivo functional and myeloarchitectonic mapping of human primary auditory areas. The Journal of Neuroscience 32 (46), S. 16095 - 16105 (2012)
  14. 2011
    Hutton, C.; Josephs, O.; Stadler, J.; Featherstone, E.; Reid, A.; Speck, O.; Bernarding, J.; Weiskopf, N.: The impact of physiological noise correction on fMRI at 7 T. NeuroImage 57 (1), S. 101 - 112 (2011)
  15. Bach, D. R.; Behrens, T. E.; Garrido, L.; Weiskopf, N.; Dolan, R. J.: Deep and superficial amygdala nuclei projections revealed in vivo by probabilistic tractography. The Journal of Neuroscience 31 (2), S. 618 - 623 (2011)
  16. 2009
    Hutton, C.; Draganski, B.; Ashburner, J.; Weiskopf, N.: A comparison between voxel-based cortical thickness and voxel-based morphometry in normal aging. NeuroImage 48 (2), S. 371 - 380 (2009)
  17. 2007
    Mobbs, D.; Petrovic, P.; Marchant, J. L.; Hassabis, D.; Weiskopf, N.; Seymour, B.; Dolan, R. J.; Frith, C. D.: When fear is near: Threat imminence elicits prefrontal-periaqueductal gray shifts in humans. Science 317 (5841), S. 1079 - 1083 (2007)
  18. 2006
    Weiskopf, N.; Hutton, C.; Josephs, O.; Deichmann, R.: Optimal EPI parameters for reduction of susceptibility-induced BOLD sensitivity losses: A whole-brain analysis at 3 T and 1.5 T. NeuroImage 33 (2), S. 493 - 504 (2006)
  19. 2004
    Weiskopf, N.; Mathiak, K.; Bock, S. W.; Scharnowski, F.; Veit, R.; Grodd, W.; Goebel, R.; Birbaumer, N.: Principles of a brain-computer interface (BCI) based on real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 51 (6), S. 966 - 970 (2004)
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