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Three members of the Department of Social Neuroscience honored for their research

June 25, 2018
Congratulation to Philipp Kanske, Sofie Valk and Boris Bornemann! [more]

New publication in Nature Human Behaviour

December 19, 2017
Living together in communities requires mutual cooperation. To achieve this, we punish others when they are uncooperative. Scientists at Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences and the MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology now published a study on that relationship. [more]

Tania Singer's work featured in National Geographic

August 16, 2017
What Science Tells Us About Good and Evil [more]

Know thyself to understand others

May 29, 2017
Through targeted training, people can be guided to develop a better inner awareness about their own mental states, and to have a better understanding of the mental states of others. [more]

Three questions to...

May 04, 2017
…Philipp Kanske, winner of the Heinz-Maier-Leibnitz Prize. [more]

Tania Singer's work featuered in blog of "Greater Good Science Center"

January 03, 2017
The Top 10 Insights from the "Science of a Meaningful Life" in 2016 [more]

Tania Singer one of the most influential women of German economy

January 01, 2017
ManagerMagazin elected 75 most influential women of German economy [more]

New article published in JAMA Psychiatry

December 29, 2016
Bethany E. Kok and Tania Singer published new data from the ReSource Project in JAMA Psychiatry. [more]

Does it pay to be nice?

December 18, 2016
Interview with BBC World Service - CrowdScience [more]

scobel: Die Kraft des Guten

December 15, 2016
Interview with Tania Singer for "scobel: Die Kraft des Guten" on 3Sat [more]
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