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  1. 2001
    Journal Article
    Müller, M. M.; Friederici, A. D.; Herrmann, C. S.; Csibra, G.; Johnson, M. H.: Object processing in the infant brain. Science 292 (5515), p. 163 - 163 (2001)
  2. Journal Article
    Bosch, V.; Mecklinger, A.; Friederici, A. D.: Slow cortical potentials during retention of object, spatial, and verbal information. Cognitive Brain Research 10 (3), pp. 219 - 237 (2001)
  3. Journal Article
    Fiebach, C. J.; Schlesewsky, M.; Friederici, A. D.: Syntactic working memory and the establishment of filler-gap dependencies: Insights from ERPs and fMRI. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 30 (3), pp. 321 - 338 (2001)
  4. Journal Article
    Friederici, A. D.; Hickok, G.; Swinney, D.: Brain imaging and language processing. An introduction to special issue papers. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 30 (3), pp. 221 - 224 (2001)
  5. Journal Article
    Friederici, A. D.; Mecklinger, A.; Spencer, K. M.; Steinhauer, K.; Donchin, E.: Syntactic parsing preferences and their on-line revisions: a spatio-temporal analysis of event-related brain potentials. Cognitive Brain Research 11 (2), pp. 305 - 323 (2001)
  6. Journal Article
    Friederici, A. D.: Syntactic, prosodic, and semantic processes in the brain: Evidence from event-related neuroimaging. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 30 (3), pp. 237 - 250 (2001)
  7. Journal Article
    Goschke, T.; Friederici, A. D.; Kotz, S. A.; van Kampen, A.: Procedural learning in Broca's aphasia: Dissociation between the implicit acquisition of spatio-motor and phoneme sequences. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 13 (3), pp. 370 - 388 (2001)
  8. Journal Article
    Hahne, A.; Friederici, A. D.: Processing a second language: Late learners' comprehension strategies as revealed by event-related brain potentials. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 4, pp. 123 - 141 (2001)
  9. Journal Article
    Koelsch, S.; Gunter, T. C.; Schröger, E.; Tervaniemi, M.; Sammler, D.; Friederici, A. D.: Differentiating ERAN and MMN: An ERP study. NeuroReport 12 (7), pp. 1385 - 1389 (2001)
  10. Journal Article
    Maess, B.; Koelsch, S.; Gunter, T. C.; Friederici, A. D.: Musical syntax is processed in Broca's area: an MEG study. Nature Neuroscience 4 (5), pp. 540 - 545 (2001)
  11. Journal Article
    Schirmer, A.; Alter, K.; Kotz, S. A.; Friederici, A. D.: Lateralization of prosody during language production: A lesion study. Brain and Language 76 (1), pp. 1 - 17 (2001)
  12. Journal Article
    Steinhauer, K.; Friederici, A. D.: Prosodic boundaries, comma rules, and brain responses: The closure positive shift in ERPs as a universal marker for prosodic phrasing in listeners and readers. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 30 (3), pp. 267 - 295 (2001)
  13. Journal Article
    Vos, S. H.; Gunter, T. C.; Schriefers, H.; Friederici, A. D.: Syntactic parsing and working memory: The effects of syntactic complexity, reading span, and concurrent load. Language and Cognitive Processes 16 (1), pp. 65 - 103 (2001)

Book Chapter (4)

  1. 2001
    Book Chapter
    Bach, P.; Knoblich, G.; Friederici, A. D.; Prinz, W.: Comprehension of action sequences: The case of paper, scissors, rock. In: Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, pp. 39 - 44 (Eds. Stenning, K.; Moore, J. D.). Erlbaum, Mahwah, NJ (2001)
  2. Book Chapter
    Friederici, A. D.: Event-related brain potentials and aphasia. In: Handbook of Neuropsychology: Language and Aphasia, Vol. Vol. 3, 2. ed. Ed., pp. 353 - 373 (Ed. Berndt, R. S.). Elsevier, Amsterdam (2001)
  3. Book Chapter
    Friederici, A. D.; Hahne, A.: Development patterns of brain activity reflecting semantic and syntactic processes. In: Approaches to bootstrapping, Vol. 2, pp. 231 - 246 (Eds. Weissenborn, J.; Höhle , B.). Benjamins, Amsterdam (2001)
  4. Book Chapter
    Friederici, A. D.: Vom Hören zum Verstehen: Neuronale Grundlagen der Sprachverarbeitung. In: Unter jedem Stein liegt ein Diamant, pp. 113 - 119 (Ed. Winnacker, E. L.). Hirzel, Stuttgart (2001)

Contribution to an Encyclopedia (2)

  1. 2001
    Contribution to an Encyclopedia
    Clahsen, H.; Friederici, A. D.: Sprachverlust. In: Lexikon der romanistischen Linguistik, Vol. 1,2 (Methodologie), pp. 63 - 69 (Eds. Holtus, G.; Metzeltin, M.). Niemeyer, Tübingen (2001)
  2. Contribution to an Encyclopedia
    Friederici, A. D.: Syntactic aspects of language, neural basis of. In: International encyclopedia of the social & behavioral sciences, Vol. 23 (SY - UNO), pp. 15392 - 15397 (Eds. Smelser, N. J.; Baltes, P. B.). Elsevier, Amsterdam (2001)
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