Lena Roth | The scientific evaluation of zanadio – a replication

Project Presentation (internal)

  • Date: May 9, 2022
  • Time: 02:30 PM - 03:00 PM
  • Speaker: Lena Roth
  • Location: MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
  • Room: Zoom Meeting
  • Host: Gleichstellungsbeauftragte / Equal Opportunities Officers Gleichstellungsbeauftragte / Equal Opportunities Officers Department of Neurology
  • Contact: doeller-office@cbs.mpg.de
Zanadio (manufacturer: aidhere GmbH) is the first app-based, multimodal treatment program for individuals with obesity that implements the current guidelines for conservative obesity treatment. It consists of evidence-based interventions and lasts 12 months. The aim of zanadio is to support individuals in achieving a clinically relevant (> 5%) and long-term weight loss and thus also reduce the numerous health impacts obesity can have. This project aims to verify the treatment effect of zanadio in adults with a BMI between 30 and 45 kg/m². To this end, 200 participants are randomized (1:1) to the intervention group (usage of zanadio for 12 month) or the control group (no usage of zanadio) using a minimization procedure. The main outcome is the percentage weight reduction compared to baseline. The change compared to baseline in well-being, obesity-specific quality of life and waist-to-height ratio are secondary outcomes. Both primary and secondary data are collected via telephone interview and online survey at baseline and every 3 months (T0-T4). After this active part of the study, follow-up data is collected every 6 months for up to 36 months (T5-T8) to evaluate the long-term effects of the digital obesity therapy.
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