Dr. Burkhard Maess
Dr. Burkhard Maess
Group leader
Phone: +49 3425 8875-2526
Fax: +49 3425 8875-2511

Technical Facilities

Magnetoencephalograph Vektorview

The MEG system was installed in November/December 2006 by Elekta Neuromag Oy, Helsinki, Finnland. It is a whole head system hosting 306 magnetic channels in total. The system is also equipped with an integrated 128 channel electroencephalography system and devices for auditory, visual and somatosensory stimulation.

Currently, the maximum sampling rate is 5000 Hz for all channels. At this rate the device produces about 500 MByte of data per minute. This raw data usually passes extensive postprocessing before it allows conclusions about it's origin - the underlying brain activity.

The magnetic sensors are operational only at a very low temperature below 10 K(elvin). The is achieved by placing them in a bath of liquid helium. While the liquid helium boils it stays at the temperature of the phase transition at 4.2 K. The liquid helium reservoir is much smaller compared to the one of MR scanners. It holds about 100 litres of liquid helium. It has to be refilled once per week.

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