Main Focus

Main working projects:

(1)  Modulation of early visual search performance by auditory rhythmic stimulations in early

      childhood using an eye-tracking paradigm (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Gustaf Gredebäck,

      Uppsala Child and Baby Lab, Uppsala University, Sweden)

(2)  Investigation of relation between visual working memory and visual search in young children 

(3)  Influence of early musical exposure on visual attention in early childhood

(4)  Development and investigation of visual foraging skills in young children using an human computer

      interface (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Beatriz Gil-Gómez de Liaño and Prof. Dr. Jeremy Wolfe,

      Visual Attention Lab, Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women’s Hospital)

(5)  Validation of Music@Home in Swedish (in collaboration with Dr. Laura Sakka, Uppsala 

      University, Sweden)


Curriculum Vitae

MSc. Occupational Therapy, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University

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