Publications of Melanie S. Schreiner

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Mani, N.; Schreiner, M. S.; Brase, J.; Köhler, K.; Strassen, K.; Postin, D.; Schultze, T.: Sequential Bayes Factor designs in developmental research: Studies on early word learning. Developmental Science 24 (4), e13097 (2021)
Journal Article
Outters, V.; Schreiner, M. S.; Behne, T.; Mani, N.: Maternal input and infants’ response to infant‐directed speech. Infancy (2020)
Journal Article
Schreiner, M. S.; Mani, N.: Listen up! Developmental differences in the impact of IDS on speech segmentation. Cognition 160, pp. 98 - 102 (2017)
Journal Article
Schreiner, M. S.; Altvater-Mackensen, N.; Mani, N.: Early word segmentation in naturalistic environments: Limited effects of speech register. Infancy 21 (5), pp. 625 - 647 (2016)

Talk (1)

Schreiner, M. S.; Beyer, F.; Paul, M.: A hands-on introduction to preregistration. Workshop , Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany (2019)

Poster (2)

Schreiner, M. S.; Griffhorn, A.; Altvater-Mackensen, N.; Mani, N.: Influence of similar sounding words on infants' word segmentation ability. Biennal Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Philadelphia, PA, USA (2015)
Schreiner, M. S.; Altvater-Mackensen, N.; Mani, N.: Impact of long-term exposure on infants' word segmentation in infant- and adult-directed speech. Boston University Conference on Language Development, Boston, MA, USA (2014)
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