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  1. 2016
    Barth, C.; Steele, C.; Mueller, K.; Rekkas, V. P.; Arelin, K.; Pampel, A.; Burmann, I.; Kratzsch, J.; Villringer, A.; Sacher, J.: In-vivo dynamics of the human hippocampus across the menstrual cycle. Scientific Reports 6 (2016)
  2. 2015
    Arélin, K.; Mueller, K.; Barth, C.; Rekkas, P. V.; Kratzsch, J.; Burmann, I.; Villringer, A.; Sacher, J.: Progesterone mediates brain functional connectivity changes during the menstrual cycle: A pilot resting state MRI study. Frontiers in Neuroscience 9 (2015)
  3. 2014
    Schäfer, A.; Burmann, I.; Regenthal, R.; Arélin, K.; Barth, C.; Pampel, A.; Villringer, A.; Margulies, D. S.; Sacher, J.: Serotonergic modulation of intrinsic functional connectivity. Current Biology 24 (19), S. 2314 - 2318 (2014)
  4. 2013
    Hoyer, J.; Burmann, I.; Kieseler, M.-L.; Vollrath, F.; Hellrung, L.; Arélin, K.; Roggenhofer, E.; Villringer, A.; Sacher, J.: Menstrual cycle phase modulates emotional conflict processing in women with and without premenstrual syndrome (PMS): A pilot study. PLoS One 8 (4) (2013)

Meeting Abstract (1)

  1. 2017
    Meeting Abstract
    Barth, C.; Okon-Singer, H.; Schaare, H. L.; Hellrung, L.; Lepsien, J.; Burmann, I.; Villringer, A.; Sacher, J.: Acute serotonergic action onattention-emotion interference. In European Neuropsychopharmacology, 27 (S1), S. S75 - S75. Elsevier, Amsterdam (2017)

Poster (2)

  1. 2013
    Schäfer, A.; Burmann, I.; Ralf, R.; Arélin, K.; Pampel, A.; Villringer, A.; Margulies, D. S.; Sacher, J.: Can serotonin put your mind at rest? 51st Annual Meeting of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, Hollywood, FL, USA (2013)
  2. Poster
    Burmann, I.; Schäfer, A.; Regenthal, R.; Arélin, K.; Villringer, A.; Margulies, D. S.; Sacher, J.: A single dose of escitalopram decreases resting-state functional-connectivity. 19th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Seattle, WA, USA (2013)
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