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Menn, K.; Scharf, F.; Männel, C.; Meyer, L.: Speech tracking and linguistic knowledge in early childhood: A naturalistic approach. 10th IMPRS NeuroCom Summer School, Virtual (2021)
Menn, K.; Michel, C.; Hoehl, S.; Männel, C.: Infants’ neural processing of speech in parent-infant interactions. 2021 Budapest CEU Conference on Cognitive Development, Virtual (2021)
Menn, K.; Ward, E.; Braukmann, R.; van den Boomen, C.; Kemner, C.; Buitelaar, J.; Hunnius, S.; Snijders, T. M.: Relating neural entrainment to speech to later development of language and autism symptoms in infants with high likelihood of ASD. International Congress of Infant Studies, Virtual (2020)
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