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Journal Article (2)

  1. 2018
    Journal Article
    Przyrembel, M.; Singer, T.: Experiencing meditation: Evidence for differential effects of three contemplative mental practices in micro-phenomenological interviews. Consciousness and Cognition 62, pp. 82 - 101 (2018)
  2. 2012
    Journal Article
    Przyrembel, M.; Smallwood, J.; Pauen, M.; Singer, T.: Illuminating the dark matter of social neuroscience: Considering the problem of social interaction from philosophical, psychological, and neuroscientific perspectives. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 6 (2012)

Book (3)

  1. 2014
    Przyrembel, M.: Empathische Egoisten: Eine interdisziplinäre Analyse zur Perspektive der zweiten Person. Alber, Freiburg (2014), 293 pp.
  2. 2011
    Przyrembel, M.; Jonas, K. J.; Knaevelsrud, C.: Todesnachrichten übermitteln - Manual für Polizei, Seelsorge, Notfallpsychologie und Notfallmedizin. Beltz, Weinheim (2011)
  3. 2010
    Przyrembel, M.; Jonas, K. J.: Einsatzkarte: Überbringung einer Todesnachricht. Verlag für Polizeiwissenschaft, Frankfurt a. M. (2010)

Talk (4)

  1. 2016
    Lumma, A.-L.; Przyrembel, M.; Singer, T.: Lessons from the ReSource study: Examples for neurophenomenological research using different levels of first-person accounts and analyses. First MLE Hub Meeting of the European Neurophenomenology, Contemplative, and Embodied Cognition Network (ENCECON), Château de la Bourlie, Urval, France (2016)
  2. 2015
    Przyrembel, M.: What is it like to meditate? Investigating differential first-person reports during three types of mental training. 5th IMPRS NeuroCom Summer School, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany (2015)
  3. 2014
    Przyrembel, M.: How does it feel to ReSource? Investigating first-person experiences during different types of meditation. 3rd Elicitation Workshop, Paris Tech Insititut Mines-Télécom (2014)
  4. Talk
    Przyrembel, M.: Tackling subjective experience during different kinds of mental training with the help of elicitation interviews. 2nd Elicitation Workshop, Paris Tech Insititut Mines-Télécom, Paris, France (2014)

Poster (2)

  1. 2014
    Przyrembel, M.; Singer, T.: Investigating first-person experiences during different types of meditation: Towards a neurophenomenological approach in contemplative studies. International Symposium for Contemplative Studies (ISCS) of the Mind & Life Institute, Boston, MA, USA (2014)
  2. Poster
    Przyrembel, M.; Singer, T.: A neurophenomenological approach based on elicitation interviews: Assessing meditation specific patterns of subjective experiences. European Summer Research Institute (ESRI), Chiemsee, Germany (2014)

Thesis - PhD (1)

  1. 2012
    Thesis - PhD
    Przyrembel, M.: Der empathische Egoist: Die Perspektive der Zweiten Person und soziale Interaktion. Dissertation, Humboldt University, Berlin (2012)
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