Publications of Romy Lorenz

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Journal Article
Ouyang, G.; Dien, J.; Lorenz, R.: Handling EEG artifacts and searching individually optimal experimental parameter in real time: A system development and demonstration. Journal of Neural Engineering 19 (1), 016016 (2022)
Journal Article
Lorenz, R.; Johal, M.; Dick, F.; Hampshire, A.; Leech, R.; Geranmayeh, F.: A Bayesian optimization approach for rapidly mapping residual network function in stroke. Brain 144 (7), pp. 2120 - 2134 (2021)
Journal Article
Lorenz, R.; Simmons, L. E.; Monti, R. P.; Arthur, J. L.; Limal, S.; Laakso, I.; Leech, R.; Violante, I. R.: Efficiently searching through large tACS parameter spaces using closed-loop Bayesian optimization. Brain Stimulation 12 (6), pp. 1484 - 1489 (2019)
Journal Article
Cole, J. H.; Lorenz, R.; Geranmayeh, F.; Wood, T.; Hellyer, P.; Williams, S.; Turkheimer, F.; Leech, R.: Active acquisition for multimodal neuroimaging. Wellcome Open Research 3, 145 (2019)
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