Publications of Carsten Jaeger

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Journal Article
Mordhorst, L.; Morozova, M.; Papazoglou, S.; Fricke, B.; Oeschger, J. M.; Tabarin, T.; Rusch, H.; Jaeger, C.; Geyer, S.; Weiskopf, N. et al.; Morawski, M.; Mohammadi, S.: Towards a representative reference for MRI-based human axon radius assessment using light microscopy. NeuroImage 249, 118906 (2022)
Journal Article
Zoraghi, M.; Scherf, N.; Jaeger, C.; Sack, I.; Hirsch, S.; Hetzer, S.; Weiskopf, N.: Simulating local deformations in the human cortex due to blood flow-induced changes in mechanical tissue properties: Impact on functional magnetic resonance imaging. Frontiers in Neuroscience 15, 722366 (2021)
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