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Mehler, D. M. A.; Williams, A. N.; Whittaker, J. R.; Krause, F.; Lührs, M.; Kunas, S.; Wise, R. G.; Shetty, H. G. M.; Turner, D. L.; Linden, D. E. J.: Graded fMRI neurofeedback training of motor imagery in middle cerebral artery stroke patients: A preregistered proof-of-concept study. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 14, 226 (2020)
Journal Article
Williams, A. N.; Ridgeway, S.; Postans, M.; Graham, K. S.; Lawrence, A. D.; Hodgetts, C. J.: The role of the pre-commissural fornix in episodic autobiographical memory and simulation. Neuropsychologia 142, 107457 (2020)
Journal Article
Williams, A. N.; Benoit, R. G.: Imagining our better selves. Nature Sustainability (accepted)
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