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Group Leader

The prefrontal cortex is a densely interconnected and functionally complex region that has evaded a coherent, generally accepted model of function. Our research agenda aims to characterize its connectivity and organization, and does so by branching into three interwoven topics:
1. cortical organization, primary as described by intrinsic functional connectivity;
2. its relationship to self-generated thought;
3. the modulation of functional brain organization by changes in higher-order internal frameworks that constitute an individual’s identity.

Selected Projects
Connectomic correlates of self-generated thought
Parcellation of prefrontal cortex in macaques and humans
Bridging the gap between exploratory and hypothesis-driven brain analyses by collecting and incorporating prior knowledge
Tracking the fields of resting-state and mind-wandering
Visualization of cortical connectivity
Incorporating XNAT into the data management and processing infrastructure


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