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Guest Lecture

Dr Julian Keil | Neural correlates of audiovisual illusions: What’s next?

We constantly receive information from our environment that we need to evaluate and integrate, in order to form an individually coherent image in our mind. In the last few years, a number of empirical findings have indicated that the functional state of the brain influences this information processing. For example the power and phase of local cortical areas as well as the functional connectivity between cortical areas have been shown to be relevant for the processing of unisensory and multisensory stimuli. In this talk, I will summarize the recent literature on the neural mechanisms underlying multisensory processing, focusing on neural oscillations. I propose that different frequency band oscillations subserve complementary mechanisms of multisensory processing. I will then outline open questions in this research, with a focus on the role of concurrent cognitive processes, attention, expectations and emotions. [more]

Guest Lecture

Prof. Felix Blankenburg | From Tactile Perception via Working Memory to Decision Making and Action


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