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Obituary: Anneliese Pontius

February 02, 2018
The Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences mourns neuroscientist and psychiatrist Anneliese Pontius. [more]
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Deaf children learn words faster than hearing children

January 23, 2018
Children with a cochlear implant learn words faster than those with normal hearing. [more]
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"We have to compete for women in particular"

January 22, 2018
Female researchers have a rough ride in science. This is also due to a lack of self-confidence, says Angela Friederici, Vice president of the Max Planck Society, in an Interview with ZEIT. [more]
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Miles Davis is not Mozart: The brains of jazz and classical pianists work differently

January 15, 2018
The brain activity of jazz pianists differs from those of classical pianists, even when playing the same piece of music. [more]
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Vengeance is sweet and expensive

December 19, 2017
Even chimpanzees and infants want to punish antisocial behaviour [more]
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Alexa and Siri in our head: Where voice recognition occurs in the brain

December 15, 2017
Our personal assistant for voice recognition uses a convolution in the right temporal lobe. [more]
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Stuttering: Stop signals in the brain prevent fluent speech

December 12, 2017
A hyperactive network in the anterior part of the brain plays a crucial role in stuttering. It inhibits planning and executing of speech movements. [more]
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Language makes us human

November 21, 2017
Angela D. Friederici explains in her new book why our language capacity must be innate and what happens when we generate and comprehend sentences. [more]
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Probability calculations - even babies can master it

November 03, 2017
From early on in life, our brain represents statistics of the environment. Even babies are able to estimate how likely one event is compared to another. [more]
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Itsy Bitsy Spider: Fear of spiders and snakes is deeply embedded in us

October 19, 2017
Even babies feel stressed when seeing spiders and snakes. This fear is of evolutionary origin. [more]
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