Dr Michael Tangermann | Oscillatory and evoked components of the EEG and how to put them to use in stroke rehabilitation

Interacting with an individual brain in closed loop can open the door for detailed introspection into sensorimotor and cognitive processes. However, closed-loop paradigms require data analysis methods capable of decoding neural components of interest in single-trial, despite of low signal-to-noise ratio and non-stationarity. In my talk, I will report on two novel algorithmic developments of my lab. The methods allow for the robust supervised regression of informative oscillatory components of the EEG and the unsupervised classification of evoked potentials. Then I will show, how the derived components can be exploited in two brain state informed stroke therapy paradigms, which are designed to train up (1) hand motor performance and (2) the language network of chronic aphasic patients after stroke. [mehr]


Maximilian Friehs | Neuromodulation via tDCS - Modification of cognitive control processes


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