Modeling of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Development of highly accurate localization and mapping strategies using transcranial magnetic stimulation, which can be used in the field of preoperative planning of brain tumor surgery.

The topic of the project is the non-invasive stimulation of the brain using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). This method is used in the context of preoperative investigations for planning the operative access route in the case of complicated brain tumours. The aim is to specifically identify important brain areas that need to be protected during surgery. Since the relationship between structure and function of the brain differs greatly in different individuals, a procedure is needed that works on an individual level.

We combine TMS induced behavioral data with the electrical fields induced in the brain and conclude on the effects in the brain caused by TMS. In doing so, we design novel measurement procedures that allow a much more precise and efficient mapping of brain functions. The approaches allow the localization of individual brain functions for each person individually and thus represent a potential key tool for the preoperative planning of brain tumor surgery in the future. 

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