Dr. Romy Lorenz
Dr. Romy Lorenz
Postdoc (in cooperation with University of Cambridge)
Simon M. Hofmann, M.Sc.
Simon M. Hofmann, M.Sc.
PhD student (in cooperation with University of Leipzig)
Phone: +49 341 9940-2243

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A new interest group that comes together every two weeks to have an informal exchange about cognitive computational neuroscience.

We consist of graduate and postgraduate students, post-docs and group leaders from different departments and research groups across the whole MPI CBS. While we all have different backgrounds and areas of research, we are united in our endeavour to advance mechanistic discovery in cognitive neuroscience using computational tools.

Picture taken at our second meeting; showing the different approaches of cognitive computational modeling by different members of CoCoNUT (graph inspired by Kriegeskorte & Douglas, 2018).

At our meetings, members present their own research or research ideas, relevant papers (journal club), methods & concrete implementations. Further, we also have meetings where we discuss mechanisms, causality or related topics on a more conceptual level (philosophical discourse).

As we are a self-organised group, pursuing a bottom-up approach, we dynamically tailor our meetings to the groups’ needs, interests and emerging trends in the field.

If you are interested, please feel free to join our next meetings and/or subscribe to our mailing list. For this, details or questions, get in touch with the initiators and organisers and .

Next meetings: 

24.05.2019 | Time: 11-noon Room: Wilhelm Wundt Room - CoCoNUT Talk

Dirk Ostwald (Freie Universität Berlin, MPI for Human Development) will give a talk on: "The neurocomputational mechanisms of human sequential decision making under uncertainty in a spatial search task"

07.06.2019 | Time: 11-noon Room: A412 - [TBC]

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