Computing and Databases Services

In addition to providing a powerful IT infrastructure, the Computing and Databases Services offer scientists at our institution support for existing software and develops new applications to meet their projects' and studies' needs. One example of this is the maintenance and development of NoSQL databases to manage our experimental data.


The IT infrastructure at the institute consists of a powerful network of servers and workstations connected to our various measuring devices. These are all standing connections with speeds up to 10 gigabits per second. This network is comprised of ca. 800 terminals ranging from notebooks of scientists to servers in remote locations.

Approx. 200 physical and virtual servers assist the scientists in their data collection (e.g. streamlining data from complex equipment and from heterogeneous software and data types), archiving (via a fast hierarchical storage management system with a robotic tape library), and data analysis tasks (compute servers with multiple CPUs). Servers (LDAP, DNS server, fi rewall, etc.) are also used to guarantee the safety and functionality of the network. Network-wide file systems (e.g. AFS, NFS, Samba) ensure transparent and secure access to sensitive data in the heterogeneous computer network.


We are responsible for the curation and development of the institute’s databases and other associated digital resources. We store and provide information about several critical steps of our research data lifecycle. Our staff oversees the day-to-day running of a number of active databases of patients, children, test subjects and studies conducted at the institute. Furthermore, we are developing solutions to further support the distribution, processing, analysis, and sharing of brain imaging data and other associated data types amongst scientists at our institute and their collaborators.

We ensure the usability and long-term sustainability of our resources by using tools and software that conform to best practice standards.

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