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Michael A. Skeide receives ERC Starting Grant

September 03, 2019

Among the top researchers in Europe who will receive an ERC Grant is Michael A. Skeide. His 5-year project "SLANG - How the brain learns to see language" will give fundamental insights into how the developing brain makes learning to read possible.


Take a break! Brain stimulation improves motor learning

August 08, 2019

In their study on motor learning Jost-Julian Rumpf and Gesa Hartwigsen describe that the solidification of practiced processes probably begins during short interruptions of practice and can be improved by brain stimulation.


Virtual treasure hunt shows brain maps time sequence of memories

August 06, 2019

Using an experiment that combines learning in virtual reality and brain scans, a team of researchers led by Jacob Bellmund and Christian Doeller describes how a temporal map of memories is created in the entorhinal cortex.


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The super brain scanner


The MRI scanner CONNECTOM is one of three of its kind worldwide. Thanks to its unparalleled gradient strength, it will reveal information about the inner wiring of the living human brain.

A glimpse into our Language Development Lab


This film invites you to get to know our Language Development Lab at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

Discover our graduate school


Brain, language, and emotion – our international graduate programme, presented by PhD students and faculty.

Our TMS Lab


This video introduces the TMS lab of the research group Modulation of Language Networks. TMS – transcranial magnetic stimulation – is a non-invasive method to stimulate the brain.


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