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Current events

Dr Christoph Aigner | Exploring the Human Heart and Spinal Cord at 7T: Navigating Challenges, Embracing Opportunities

Guest Lecture
Ultra-high field MRI at 7T holds great potential but also presents significant challenges, often necessitating extensive calibration times to achieve spatially heterogeneous B1+/ΔB0 profiles. This talk explores the development of novel methodologies to address such challenges in cardiac and spinal cord imaging. It includes the creation of calibration-free parallel transmission techniques to eliminate conventional time-consuming calibration routines and covers broadband excitation to compensate for local ΔB0 variations or chemical shifts. Moreover, the presentation delves into respiration-related ΔB0 variations in mid- to lower spinal cord regions, providing essential insights for advancing spinal cord imaging techniques at ultra-high fields. [more]

Professor Christian F. Doeller | Structuring experience in cognitive spaces

MPSCog Cognition Colloquium
Please join online: https://zoom.us/j/93526030034?pwd=ZkJnYlFVOEthU2lDeE5nVmV6TlZLZz09 (Meeting ID: 935 2603 0034 / Passcode: 250171) [more]

Professor Manuela Piazza | Numerical learning in the developing brain

Cradle of Cognition Lecture
Please join online: https://zoom.us/j/91383057579?pwd=RDJQNkllaEJRYTV3VTlJTHprSjZodz09 / Passcode: skeidelab [more]
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