Independent Research Groups

Max Planck Research Group Adaptive Memory

Humans possess the remarkable capacity to vividly remember a plethora of experiences from their lives. They can voluntarily reminisce about cherished moments but also be haunted by intrusive memories of unpleasant experiences. [more]

Max Planck Research Group Early Social Cognition

Early childhood is a crucial phase for healthy social and cognitive development. For babies and young children it is essential to be in touch with other people, to communicate with them and to learn from them. [more]

Otto Hahn Group Neural Bases of Intonation in Speech and Music

Language comprehension is more than just to understand the meaning of words in sentences. Between the lines, the speaker mostly reveals – consciously or not – much more about her beliefs, desires and intentions. [more]

Max Planck Research Group Pain Perception

In its acute form, pain is a beneficial signal that is warning us about impending or actual tissue damage. In its chronic form however, pain is a source of immense suffering for millions of people. [more]
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