PhD Representatives

PhD Representatives

The PhD representatives represent the interests, wishes and needs of the doctoral researchers at the institute. We serve as contact persons for all PhD related issues and organize monthly get-togethers to socialize.

Emma Bailey, Johannes Roth, Salma Elnagar, Alexander Enge, Meghedi Vartanian, Vivien Barchet, Zofia Hołubowska, and Elias Reinwarth currently represent the doctoral researchers of the institute. Salma is our external representative and works in close collaboration with the Max Planck PhDnet, the doctoral network of the Max Planck Society. Emma and Meghedi are representatives for the IMPRS NeuroComm and Vivien, Zofia, and Elias are representatives for the IMPRS CoNI.

Our major goals are to offer opportunities to optimize the working environment for PhD candidates and to improve information flow within and between institutes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your life at the institute, please feel free to drop us an e-mail (see contact details on the right). We are more than happy to hear from you!

We organize an informal social gathering for PhD students on the first Thursday evening of every month. We send around information regarding these and other events via our local PhDnet mailinglist. Please get in touch with us to be added to this list.

We look forward to meeting you!

Helpful Resources

Doctoral Researchers Guide (work in progress!)

Doctoral Researchers Guide (work in progress!)

This leaflet, prepared by the PhD representatives, contains some useful information for doing your PhD at the MPI CBS. For example, it contains sections on the thesis advisory committee (TAC), PhD funding with working contracts vs. stipends, social events, and important contact persons.
Mental Health
Free immediate counselling services for employees and scholarship holders of the Max Planck Society more
Contracts vs. Stipends
Do you want to know the difference between funding your PhD with a work contract versus a scholarship (stipend)? Find more information on p. 3 of this issue of PhDnet’s Offspring Maganzine. more
The PhDnet is the network of all PhD candidates and PhD representatives of the Max Planck Society. The PhDnet-Portal serves as a platform for the exchange among doctoral researchers and their representatives in the Max Planck Society. more


N² [nsquared] unites more than 16.000 doctoral researchers of Germany’s non-university research organizations to discuss the future of science – its working conditions, career perspectives and impact on society. more
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