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Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee at MPI CBS is an institute-wide initiative, which stands against discrimination based on but not limited to geographic location, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, accent, origin, ethnicity, age or religion at every organizational level.

The Max Planck Society embraces the ideal of a culture free of discrimination and in which the variety and diversity of its employees is seen as a resource and all are shown the same respect and recognition.

At MPI CBS, we believe that excellent science needs diversity and that we all profit from embracing each other's uniqueness while acting against systemic biases and inequalities. People at MPI CBS are diverse in many ways and the Diversity & Inclusion Committee is committed to making our institute an even more inclusive and safe work environment for everyone.

We encourage all MPI CBS employees to join the Diversity & Inclusion Committee and to become part of one of our task forces:

  • Weekly tea/coffee time chatting about all aspects of diversity (e.g., personal circumstances related to issues of LGBTQIA+, origin, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, and disability)
  • Confidential support in all aspects of diversity
  • Welcoming culture and international support
  • Seminar series to raise awareness and define a shared ideal of best and innovative scientific practices grounded in diversity and inclusivity at MPI CBS
  • Strategies for creating a flexible and efficient work environment catering to all walks-of-life and diverse models of living
  • Extending the network to other MPG initiatives (MPQueer, PhDNet, PostdocNet, Equal opportunities offices, International offices, other local D&I initiatives, The Mental Health Collective, etc.)

If you are interested in learning more about diversity-related topics and/or contributing to support diversity at MPI CBS, please contact us.


Currently, the committee consists of (in alphabetic order):

Dr. Johanna Bergmann
Khosrov Grigoryan, M.Sc.
Doctoral researcher
  • +49 341 9940-2420
Dr. Samyogita Hardikar
E-learning officer, Postdoc
  • +49 341 9940-2412
Merve Kaptan
External guest researcher
  • +49 341 9940-2669
Mathis Lammert
MD student (in cooperation with Leipzig University)
Professor Dr. Karsten Mueller
Scientific researcher
  • +49 341 9940-2617
Dr Yulia Revina
Postdoc, Equal opportunities officer
  • +49 341 9940-2250
Dr. Lina Schaare
Postdoc, Postdoc representative
  • +49 341 9940 2637
PD Dr. Veronica Witte
Group leader (in cooperation with Leipzig University)
  • +49 341 9940-2426
Rachel Zsido
External guest researcher
  • +49 341 9940-2408

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