Former Departments

Former Department of Social Neuroscience

The Department of Social Neuroscience investigates human social behaviour. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, we study the neuronal, hormonal, and developmental foundations of human social cognition, social and moral emotions such as empathy and compassion, envy, revenge, fairness as well as emotion regulation capacities and their role in social decision making and communication.

Former Department Neurophysics

The former Department of Neurophysics was established under the direction of Prof. Robert Turner in 2007. The research focus of this group was to develop methods that can help in the visualization of brain functions. To achieve this goal, MR physicists worked closely together with neuroanatomists, experts in image analysis, engineers, and neuropsychologists.

Former Department Psychology

The former Department of Psychology headed by Professor Wolfgang Prinz had existed since 1990. The department, which was originally situated at the Max Planck Institute for Psychological Research in Munich, moved to Leipzig with the merger of two institutes into the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. The main focus of the department's research was on the relationship between cognition and action.

Former Department Cognitive Neurology

The former Department of Cognitive Neurology deals with the anatomical and quantifying analysis of the human brain. Research focuses on the functional neuroanatomy of the frontal cortex. Both volunteers and patients are exmamined.

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