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Take a break! Brain stimulation improves motor learning

August 08, 2019
In their study on motor learning Jost-Julian Rumpf and Gesa Hartwigsen describe that the solidification of practiced processes probably begins during short interruptions of practice and can be improved by brain stimulation. [more]
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Virtual treasure hunt shows brain maps time sequence of memories

August 06, 2019
Using an experiment that combines learning in virtual reality and brain scans, a team of researchers led by Jacob Bellmund and Christian Doeller describes how a temporal map of memories is created in the entorhinal cortex. [more]
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Sex hormone oestradiol protects female brain in mid-life

June 21, 2019
Rachel Zsido and Julia Sacher found that oestradiol plays a crucial role in keeping the structure of networks in the female brain structurally intact and the memory healthy, especially in mid-life. [more]
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"Imagine..." - our attitudes can change solely by the power of imagination

May 17, 2019
Roland Benoit and Philipp Paulus together with Daniel Schacter from Harvard University have examined the question, how neutral places suddenly become valuable to us, in a study published in the journal Nature Communications. They show that our attitudes can be influenced not only by what we actually experience but also by what we imagine. [more]
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Measurement of thoughts during knowledge acquisition

March 25, 2019
How does the brain represent our knowledge of the world? Does it have a kind of map, similar to our sense of direction? And if so, how is it organized? Stephanie Theves and Christian F. Doeller have come one step closer to demonstrating the existence of such a mental navigation system. [more]
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Going for an MRI scan with tattoos? First prospective study on risk assessment

January 30, 2019
The first prospective study with statistically verifiable numbers for MRI safety has now been presented by a research team led by Nikolaus Weiskopf in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. [more]
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Even in Young Adults, Blood Pressure Above Normal May Be Linked to Brain Shrinkage

January 23, 2019
For people in their 20s and 30s, having blood pressure above normal but below the level considered to be high blood pressure, may be linked to loss of brain volume. [more]
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Typically human: babies recognize nested structures similar to our grammar

November 21, 2018
At a mere five months of age, babies seemingly have the ability to recognize very complex grammatical structures. [more]
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Navigating Our Thoughts: Fundamental Principles of Thinking

November 09, 2018
It is one of the most fundamental questions in neuroscience: How do humans think? Until recently, we seemed far from a conclusive answer. However, scientists paint a new, comprehensive picture in the current issue of the journal Science: Humans think using their brain’s navigation system. [more]
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How the grid cell system of the brain maps mental spaces

October 11, 2018
A European–American team of scientists has now been able to demonstrate, with electrophysiological evidence, the existence of grid-like activity in the human brain. [more]
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