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Larger parts of the cerebral cortex than thought process tactile stimuli. more

Angela D. Friederici is the first German-speaking prizewinner to receive the Justine and Yves Sergent Award. more

In order to orient ourselves in space, and to find our way around, we form mental maps of our surroundings. But what happens if the coordinate system of our brain, which measures our mental maps, is distorted? Jacob Bellmund and Christian Doeller show in Nature Human Behaviour that under these circumstances there are also distortions in our spatial memory. more

Scientists found that musical pleasure comes from the right combination of uncertainty and surprise. more

Brain-computer interfaces have a structural impact on brain substance after one hour’s training. more

A new epigenetic study suggests that mothers' behavior can also have a substantial impact on their children's developing oxytocin systems. more

How babies integrate new events into their knowledge. more

Telomeres on human chromosomes change together with brain structure more

The brains of young children get thinner as they grow. At least that's what scientists used to believe. Now, an international collaboration of leading neuroscientists suggest, in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, it may be partly an illusion. more

Among the top researchers in Europe who will receive an ERC Grant is Michael A. Skeide. His 5-year project "SLANG - How the brain learns to see language" will give fundamental insights into how the developing brain makes learning to read possible. more

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