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Recognising dyslexia in time: Foundations laid for future early test

July 19, 2017
With the help of brain activity and gene analyses, it could be predicted in time whether a child could be affected by dyslexia. [more]
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First aid in the brain: When language suddenly fails

July 11, 2017
Why certain linguistic abilities can be regained after a stroke while others are lost forever. [more]
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Know thyself to understand others

May 29, 2017
Through targeted training, people can be guided to develop a better inner awareness about their own mental states, and to have a better understanding of the mental states of others. [more]
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Amazingly flexible: Learning to read in your thirties profoundly transforms the brain

May 22, 2017
Reading is such a modern invention that there is no brain area dedicated to itand recycles others for his purpose. [more]
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Obesity ages the brain faster

May 16, 2017
In older obese people the so-called Default Mode Network is less wired and processes such as remembering could be impaired—an important indication of early impending Alzheimer’s disease. [more]
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Three questions to...

May 04, 2017
…Philipp Kanske, winner of the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize. Thanks to him we know that people who have difficulties in regulating their emotions are at risk of developing a psychological disorder. [more]
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Mind wandering—more than just a fault in the system

April 06, 2017
The brain makes a difference between involuntary and intentional mind wandering. In people who often purposefully allow their minds to wander the cortex is thicker in some prefrontal regions. [more]
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Connection matters: Researchers discover brain structure that helps us to understand what others think

March 23, 2017
By the age of four years we suddenly start to understand what other people think—thanks to a critical fibre connection in the brain. [more]
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The Band Effect: When grandpas suddenly enjoy Drum and Bass

February 27, 2017
Music sounds much better while performing it than just listening to it. This means a big chance for music therapies. [more]
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Meditation with a partner combats loneliness

January 04, 2017
A new type of daily meditation with a partner increases social connectedness and could reduce feelings of loneliness. [more]
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