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Three questions to...

May 04, 2017
…Philipp Kanske, winner of the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize. Thanks to him we know that people who have difficulties in regulating their emotions are at risk of developing a psychological disorder. [more]
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Mind wandering—more than just a fault in the system

April 06, 2017
The brain makes a difference between involuntary and intentional mind wandering. In people who often purposefully allow their minds to wander the cortex is thicker in some prefrontal regions. [more]
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Connection matters: Researchers discover brain structure that helps us to understand what others think

March 23, 2017
By the age of four years we suddenly start to understand what other people think—thanks to a critical fibre connection in the brain. [more]
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The Band Effect: When grandpas suddenly enjoy Drum and Bass

February 27, 2017
Music sounds much better while performing it than just listening to it. This means a big chance for music therapies. [more]
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Meditation with a partner combats loneliness

January 04, 2017
A new type of daily meditation with a partner increases social connectedness and could reduce feelings of loneliness. [more]
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Forget the future to reduce your fears

December 13, 2016
When we think about the future we can get stuck in imagining situations we fear may happen. But our brain can attenuate these anxieties by suppressing the blocks of our imagination. [more]
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The super brain scanner

December 12, 2016
The MRI scanner CONNECTOM is one of three of its kind worldwide. Thanks to its unparalleled gradient strength, it will reveal information about the inner wiring of the living human brain. [more]
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Cerebellum meets cerebrum

October 20, 2016
The cerebellum is the underestimated partner of the cerebrum although it is crucial for our movement and mental abilities. Now the first part of the information loop between the two is revealed. [more]
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Brain in sync with hormones

October 07, 2016
Each month, the up and down of estrogen in women appear to not just influence the switching between fertile and infertile days but also the structure of the brain in astonishing regularity. [more]
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Exploring human existence

August 02, 2016
Three days of discussions, freethinking and broadening horizons [more]
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