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Science for All

Overview featuring background information, reports, and publications as well as contributions to the Yearbook of the Max Planck Society and the scientific magazine "Max Planck Research".

Research topics

The human brain pays itself the biggest compliment by never letting us feel any of the enormous efforts with which it produces thoughts and emotions, words and actions. [more]

Research Reports

Max Planck Institutes regularly report on their research activities and results in Research Reports.
The previous report of the MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences - along with those of the two former MPIs for Cognitive Neuroscience and for Psychological Research - can be downloaded here. [more]

Yearbook reports

In its Yearbook, the Max Planck Society reports on the scientific research performed at its institutes. The Yearbook includes reports from all the Max Planck facilities, the scientific presentations held at the Annual General Meeting, as well a CD-ROM containing a bibliographic database of all the scientific publications of the Max Planck Society since 1998. [more]


MaxPlanckResearch contains a wide variety of articles about research going on at the institutes of the Max Planck Society. All articles are written in an informative and easy-to-read manner and are ideal for members of the general public including school students who would like to keep informed about the latest developments in scientific research. The magazine is published quarterly. You can read the magainzine online. [more]
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