CBS Green Team

CBS Green Team

The Green Team is the local sustainability initiative or Sustainability Group at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (MPI CBS). We want to improve the ecological impact as researchers.

In our daily routines, we print articles, produce waste in our labs, use energy to run experiments and fly to conferences. Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, IT, personal and technical assistants, administrative staff, and technical support from different departments and research groups joined forces to improve the ecological footprint of the institute. 

Founded in summer of 2018 the Green Team has already implemented several projects. Through the Green Questionnaire we raised awareness for sustainability and its different aspects regarding our work at the institute, and collected feedback from the institute members which issues to prioritise. Stickers in bathrooms and offices remind people daily on their use of resourses such as energy.  The “Bring Your Plant to Work Day" gave people the opportunity to get in contact with the Green Team in person and emphasised how the institute and office environment influence directly our work and efficacy (studies show that plants are good for mental health). The notice board at the cafeteria provides transparency for our activities and invites colleagues to participate in sustainability projects.


Further topics we are working on:

  • CO2 assessment
  • institute-wide recycling system
  • CO2 compensation for unavoidable flights
  • screensavers to remind people to save energy
  • green office supplies
  • biodiversity measures (e.g. flowering meadows, nesting boxes etc.)


The Green Team is also part of the Max Planck Sustainability Network that is combining the efforts of individuals and groups at Max Planck Institutes who are interested in a sustainable working environment.

Sustainability Network Meeting, Leipzig, 2020
On the 26th & 27th of May 2020 the Max-Planck-Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences will host the virtual sustainability workshop of the sustainability network. Registration and further information can be found here: more
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