Research Group Learning in Early Childhood

Our lab explores the developmental origins of intelligent behavior.

Key questions are:

  • How do we learn to understand information? (e.g. language, letters, numbers)
  • How do we build mental models of our experience? (e.g. a mental lexicon, a quantification system)
  • How do we learn to use these models for intelligent actions? (e.g. problem solving)

We conduct brain imaging studies with children from all over the world.


Please visit our website to learn more.


Key publications:

Skeide, M. A.; Wehrmann, K.; Emami, Z.; Kirsten, H.; Hartmann, A. M.; Rujescu, D.; Legascreen Consortium: Neurobiological origins of individual differences in mathematical ability. PLoS Biology 18 (10), e3000871 (2020)
Skeide, M. A.; Kumar, U.; Mishra, R. K.; Tripathi, V. N.; Guleria, A.; Singh, J. P.; Eisner, F.; Huettig, F.: Learning to read alters cortico-subcortical cross-talk in the visual system of illiterates. Science Advances 3 (5), e1602612 (2017)
Skeide, M. A.; Friederici, A. D.: The ontogeny of the cortical language network. Nature Reviews Neuroscience 17, pp. 323 - 332 (2016)
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