Dr. Yannick Becker

Postdoc representative (internal)

Main Focus

I study the evolution of language and tool-use, by conjointly analysing non-invasively the brain and behaviour of the same primate subjects. 

Principal interest: comparative -, evolutionary-, developmental- neuroscience; lateralisation; gestural communication; primates; neuroanatomy.

Curriculum Vitae

2022 – Present: Postdoctoral researcher

Fyssen Fellowship project: “The evolution of brain connectivity for language: Insights from lateralization, communicative gestures, vocalizations and tool-use in chimpanzee” "Evolution of Brain Connectivity" project (Together with the Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)


2018-2022        PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience (supervisors: A. Meguerditchian & O. Coulon)
                           CNRS & Aix-Marseille University (FR), collaboration: E.Hecht, Harvard University (US)

2016-2018       MRes in Neuroscience
                          Aix-Marseille University (FR)

2016-2017       2nd Year BA Psychology
                         Jean Jaures University Toulouse (FR)

2013-2016       BSc « Sciences and Humanities »
                          Aix-Marseille University (FR) & Imperial College London (UK)

2022          Fyssen Foundation Personal Postdoctoral Fellowhip (two years funding)
2021          NeuroSchool 2021/2022 (six-month PhD extension)
2020          « Académie d’Excellence »  France, Travel grant (Harvard University)

2013          « Académie d’Excellence »  France, Personal grant for 1. year Bachelor's
2016          Erasmus+ (Imperial College and King’s College, London, UK)            

2022          James R. Hurford Award (Evolang, Joint Conference on Language Evolution)
2021          PhD Prize of the French Society for Primatology 2021 (Prix Doctorant de la SFDP)

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