Bonnie O'Malley

Doctoral researcher (Stipend-holder "Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes")

Main Focus

My research intersects the topics of stress, social cognition and sex hormones. Specifically I am interested in the concept of stress resonance - i.e. whether we can vicariously share the stress of others through observation. My main project investigating this - Sisterhood - looks at biophysiological stress resonance in female friendships across the menstrual cycle, and the potential influence of progesterone and estrogen. Additional projects I have worked on include ; Investigating the mechanistic underpinnnings of mindfulness as an intervention for reducing acute stress cortisol reactivity and reviewing the potential roles of sex hormones and gender in empathic processing, 

I am passionate about science communication, and pushing its boundaries, under the framework of 'bringing the scientists and the cultural scene of Leipzig closer together'. I have worked with several DIY spaces and cultural institutions of Leipzig in events exploring the ways in which science, music, art & culture can collaborate in a non-hierarchical atmosphere. Most notably, I conceptualised, managed and was the lead organiser of Quantum Entanglement festival [@Quantumentanglementfestival], a festival primarily celebrating 30 years of the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, by bringing together Music, Art, Science & Alternative Culture.

Previously I worked in the UK as a mental health professional, specifically as an assistant psychologist and therapeutic care worker in adolescent eating disorders. 

Curriculum Vitae

MSc Cognitive Neuroscience University College London

BSc Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience Goldsmiths, University of London

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