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Moritz Jäckels
Doctoral researcher (in cooperation with Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim)
Dr. Carsten Jäger
Technical assistant
  • +49 341 9940-2425
Anna-Thekla Jäger (geb. Schmidt), M.Sc.
Doctoral researcher (external)
Dr. Lieneke Janssen
Postdoc (in cooperation with University of Magdeburg)
  • +49 341 9940 2600
Anna Jauch
Technical staff
Daria Jensen
Postdoc (in cooperation with Leipzig University)
Dr. Hyeon-Ae Jeon
Research associate
  • +82 (0)53 785 6151
Sein Jeung
Doctoral researcher (in cooperation with TU Berlin)
Zhizhao Jiang
Doctoral researcher
Chaoyang Jin
Guest researcher
Ying Jing
Doctoral researcher (in cooperation with Hangzhou Normal University)
Mandy Jochemko
Medical-technical assistant
  • +49 341 9940-190
Bettina Johst
  • +49 341 9940-163
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