Gray matter parcellation based on local diffusion properties


  • Using FA and local principal diffusion direction in combination with k-means clustering to subdivide subcortical areas.
  • Charting the radiality of the principal diffusion direction on the cortical sheet.
  • We found plausible subdivisions of caudate nucleus, putamen, amygdala and thalamus.

People currently involved

  • Alfred Anwander
  • Sonja Kotz (Minerva Research Group "Neurocognition of Rhythm in Communication")
  • Thomas Knösche

Publications (peer reviewed)

  • Schindler, S., Geyer, S., Strauß, M., Anwander, A., Hegerl, U., Turner, R., & Schönknecht, P. (in press). Structural studies of the hypothalamus and its nuclei in mood disorders. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging.
  • Solano-Castiella, E., Anwander, A., Lohmann, G., Weiss, M., Docherty, C., Geyer, S., Reimer, E., Friederici, A. D., & Turner, R. (2010). Diffusion tensor imaging segments the human amygdala in vivo. NeuroImage, 49(4), 2958-2965. doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2009.11.027.
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