High Resolution Tractography Based on Ultra High Field Diffusion MRI


  • Using a combination of reduced field-of-view and partial parallel imaging, called ZOOPPA.
  • Focusing on improving the spatial resolution (down to 0.8 mm isotropic), while keeping acceptable number of directions (60) and signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Reveals fine details of fiber orientation, also in grey matter areas.
  • Tractography of complex crossings within the white matter, and the grey-white-matter interface.

People currently involved

  • Alfred Anwander
  • Robin Heidemann (Neurophysics department)
  • Thomas Knösche

Publications (peer reviewed)

  • R.M. Heidemann, A. Anwander, T. Feiweier, T.R. Knösche, R. Turner: k-space and q-space: Combining ultrahigh spatial and angular resolution in diffusion imaging using ZOOPPA at 7T. NeuroImage (accepted)
  • R.M. Heidemann, D.A. Porter, A. Anwander, T. Feiweier, K. Heberlein, T.R. Knösche, R. Turner: Diffusion Imaging in Humans at 7T using Readout-Segmented EPI and GRAPPA. MRM 64(1), 9-14 (2010)
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