Multimodal Visualization of Fibre Tracts


  • Development of fast and versatile visualization of results of deterministic tractography, including effective selection of fibres.
  • Effective visualization of probabilistic tractograms, including surface texturing.
  • Integration with MRI, functional MRI and EEG/MEG source localization results.
  • Development of browser-based interactive visualization solutions

People involved

  • Ralph Schurade
  • Alfred Anwander


  • University of Leipzig (Gerik Scheuermann, Mario Hlawitschka, Sebastian Eichelbaum)
  • Eemagine GmbH Berlin (Frank Zanow)


  • A. Anwander, R. Schurade, M. Hlawitschka, G. Scheuermann, T.R. Knösche. White Matter Imaging with Virtual Klingler Dissection NeuroImage, Volume 47, Supplement 1, July 2009, Page S105, Organization for Human Brain Mapping, 15th Annual Meeting, 2009, San Francisco


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