Quantitative Anatomical Connectivity


  • Development of definitions of anatomical connectivity, which are useful for various purposes, including as prior in dynamic models of neural mass action.
  • Bayesian estimation of connectivity and error bound.
  • Use of the connectivity values as Bayesian priors in the inverse estimation of dynamic models of brain activity.
  • Mapping microstructural measures, derived from local diffusion models, along fiber tracts.

People involved

  • Alfred Anwander (responsible)
  • Jan Schreiber
  • Thomas Knösche


  • Neurospin Paris (Pierre Fillard)
  • FIL London (Rosalyn Moran, Karl Friston)
  • University of Zürich (Klaas-Enno Stephan)
  • MPI for Neurological Research Cologne (Marc Tittgemeyer)

Publications (peer reviewed)

  • Kaden, Enrico, Knösche, Thomas R., Anwander, Alfred (2007). Parametric Spherical Deconvolution: Inferring Anatomical Connectivity using Diffusion MR Imaging, NeuroImage, Vol 37/2, pp 474-488, doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2007.05.012
  • T.S. Yo, A. Anwander, M. Descoteaux, P. Fillard, C. Poupon, T.R. Knösche. Comparison of quantitative connectivity measures derived from diffusion weighted images. Abstract at the 15th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, 2009, San Francisco
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