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Verena Müller
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Katja Paasche
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The slight difference: Why language is a uniquely human trait

November 21, 2017
Angela D. Friederici explains in her book why our language ability must be innate and what happens when we create and understand sentences. [more]
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Probability calculations - even babies can master it

November 03, 2017
From early on in life, our brain represents statistics of the environment. Even babies are able to estimate how likely one event is compared to another. [more]
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Itsy Bitsy Spider: Fear of spiders and snakes is deeply embedded in us

October 19, 2017
Even babies feel stressed when seeing spiders and snakes. This fear is of evolutionary origin. [more]
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Improving social skills through mental training changes brain structure and reduces social stress

October 04, 2017
Meditation entails a variety of mental training techniques which, in principal, can be trained by anyone. [more]
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