Dr. Sam Verschooren

Postdoc (Stipend-holder "Research Foundation - Flander", Ghent University)

Main Focus

Balance of external and internal attention | Intentional control over the internal body | working memory | mind wandering

Curriculum Vitae

2023–now Visiting researcher Social Intelligence Lab/Mind-Body-Emotion group (Humboldt University, DE)
2021–2022 BAEF postdoctoral fellow (Duke University, USA)
2020–now FWO postdoctoral fellow (Ghent University, BE) 
2019 Visiting researcher Center for Cognitive Neuroscience (Duke University, USA)
2016–2020 PhD Cognitive & Affective Psychophysiology Lab (Ghent University, BE)
2015 Internship Social Brain Lab (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, NE) 
2012–2016 MSc Theoretical and Experimental Psychology (Ghent University, BE) 
2009–2014 MA Philosophy (University of Antwerp/Ghent University, BE) 
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