Publikationen von Daniéle Pino

Zeitschriftenartikel (3)

Pino, D.; Mädebach, A.; Jescheniak, J. D.; Regenbrecht, F.; Obrig, H.: BONEs not CATs attract DOGs: Semantic context effects for picture naming in the lesioned language network. NeuroImage 246, 118767 (2022)
Lorenz, A.; Pino, D.; Jescheniak, J. D.; Obrig, H.: On the lexical representation of compound nouns: Evidence from a picture-naming task with compound targets and gender-marked determiner primes in aphasia. Cortex 146, S. 116 - 140 (2022)
Martins, M.; Krause, C. D.; Neville, D.; Pino, D.; Villringer, A.; Obrig, H.: Recursive hierarchical embedding in vision is impaired by posterior middle temporal gyrus lesions. Brain 142 (10), S. 3217 - 3229 (2019)
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