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Book Chapter (12)

  1. 2015
    Book Chapter
    Kotz, S. A.: Electrophysiological indices of speech processing. In: Encyclopedia of computational neuroscience, pp. 1074 - 1078 (Eds. Jaeger, D.; Jung, R.). Springer, New York (2015)
  2. Book Chapter
    Schmidt-Kassow, M.; Rothermich, K.; Kotz, S. A.: The role of default stress patterns in German monolingual and L2 sentence processing. In: Rhythm in cognition and grammar: A germanic perspective, pp. 83 - 110 (Eds. Vogel, R.; Vijver, R.). de Gruyter, Berlin (2015)
  3. Book Chapter
    Vogel, R.; Vijver, R. v. d.; Kotz, S. A.; Kutscher, A.; Wagner, P.: Function words in rhythmic optimisation. In: Rhythm in cognition and grammar: A germanic perspective, pp. 255 - 276 (Eds. Vogel, R.; Vijver, R.). de Gruyter, Berlin (2015)
  4. 2013
    Book Chapter
    Kotz, S. A.; Hasting, A.; Paulmann, S.: On the orbito-striatal interface in (acoustic) emotional processing. In: Evolution of emotional communication: From sounds in non-human mammals to speech and music in man, pp. 229 - 240 (Eds. Altenmüller, E.; Schmidt, S.; Zimmermann, E.). Oxford University Press, New York (2013)
  5. 2012
    Book Chapter
    Kotz, S. A.; Rothermich, K.; Schmidt-Kassow, M.: Sentence comprehension in healthy and brain-damaged populations. In: The Handbook of the Neuropsychology of Language: Vol. 2. Language processing in the brain: Clinical populations, pp. 760 - 777 (Ed. Faust, M.). Wiley-Blackwell, New York (2012)
  6. Book Chapter
    Kotz, S. A.; Rothermich, K.; Schmidt-Kassow, M.: Neurokognition des Sprachverstehens bei Gesunden und Patienten mit fokalen zerebralen Hirnläsionen. In: Enzyklopädie der Psychologie, Serie Kognition (Eds. Schröger, E.; Koelsch, S.). Hogrefe, Göttingen (accepted)
  7. 2009
    Book Chapter
    Kotz, S. A.: Sprachliche und nicht-sprachliche Funktionen der Basalganglien. In: PSP: medizinische Aspekte - Kommunikation - Kognition, pp. 37 - 53 (Eds. Wagner, S.; Kotz, S. A.). Deutsche PSP-Gesellschaft e.V, Leipzig (2009)
  8. Book Chapter
    Kotz, S. A.; Frisch, S.: Neurobiologie der Semantik in Wort und Satz: Elektrophysiologische Evidenz und Läsionsstudien. In: Enzyklopädie der Psychologie (Eds. Goschke, T.; Eimer, M.). Hogrefe, Göttingen (accepted)
  9. 2008
    Book Chapter
    Frisch, S.; Kotz, S. A.; Friederici, A. D.: Neural correlates of normal and pathological language processing. In: The Handbook of Clinical Linguistics, pp. 245 - 260 (Eds. Ball, M. J.; Perkins, M.; Müller, N.; Howard, S.). Blackwell Publishing, Malden (2008)
  10. Book Chapter
    Rothermich, K.; Schmidt-Kassow, M.; Kotz, S. A.: Zur Interaktion von Syntax und Metrum: eine auditive ereigniskorrelierte fMRT-Studie. In: Beiträge zur 50. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen, p. 273. Pabst Science Publishers, Lengerich (2008)
  11. 2007
    Book Chapter
    Kotz, S. A.; Elston-Güttler, K. E.: Bilingual semantic memory revisited: ERP and fMRI evidence. In: The neural basis of semantic memory, pp. 105 - 132 (Eds. Hart, J.; Kraut, M. A.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2007)

Conference Paper (7)

  1. 2011
    Conference Paper
    Jessen, S.; Kotz, S. A.: How do bodies and voices interact in early emotion processing? In: Beiträge zur 53. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen, p. 84 (Eds. Bittrich, K.; Blankenberger, S.; Lukas, J.). 53rd Annual German Experimental Psychology Meeting (TeaP), Halle (Saale), Germany, March 13, 2011 - March 16, 2011. Pabst Science, Lengerich (2011)
  2. 2008
    Conference Paper
    Paulmann, S.; Schmidt, P.; Pell, M. D.; Kotz, S. A.: Rapid processing of emotional and voice information as evidenced by ERPs. In: Proceedings of the Conference on Speech Prosody 2008, pp. 205 - 209 (Eds. Barbosa, P. A.; Madureira, S.; Reis, C.). Speech Prosody 2008, Campinas, Brazil, May 06, 2008 - May 09, 2008. (2008)
  3. 2006
    Conference Paper
    Kotz, S. A.; Meyer, M.; Paulmann, S.: Lateralization of emotional prosody in the brain: An overview and synopsis on the impact of study design. In: Understanding Emotions, pp. 285 - 294. Symposium on Understanding Emotions, Freudental Castle, Constance, GERMANY, 2004-09. Elsevier, Amsterdam (2006)
  4. 2003
    Conference Paper
    Friederici, A. D.; Kotz, S. A.: The brain basis of syntactic processes: Functional imaging and lesion studies. Conference on Convergence and Divergence of Lesion Studies and Functional Imaging of Cognition, BONN, GERMANY, 2003-05. NeuroImage 20 (Suppl. 1), pp. 8 - 17 (2003)
  5. 2000
    Conference Paper
    Alter, K.; Rank, E.; Kotz, S. A.; Toepel, U.; Besson, M.; Schirmer, A.; Friederici, A. D.: Accentuation and emotions - two different systems? In: Speech and Emotion, pp. 138 - 142. ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop (ITRW) on Speech and Emotion, Newcastle, United Kingdom, September 05, 2000 - September 07, 2000. (2000)
  6. 1999
    Conference Paper
    Alter, K.; Schirmer, A.; Kotz, S. A.; Friederici, A. D.: Prosodic phrasing and accentuation in speech production of patients with right hemisphere lesions. In: EUROSPEECH'99, Vol. 6, pp. 223 - 226. Sixth European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology (EUROSPEECH'99), Budapest, Hungary, September 05, 1999 - September 09, 1999. ESCA, Bonn (1999)
  7. Conference Paper
    Alter, K.; Rank, E.; Kotz, S. A.; Pfeifer, E.; Besson, M.; Friederici, A. D.; Matiasek, J.: On the relations of semantic and acoustic properties of emotions. In: Proceedings of the 14th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, pp. 2121 - 2125 (Ed. Ohala, J. J.). 14th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, San Francisco, CA, August 01, 1999 - August 07, 1999. University of California, Berkeley (1999)

Meeting Abstract (80)

  1. 2014
    Meeting Abstract
    Kokinous, J.; Tavano, A.; Kotz, S. A.; Schröger, E.: Audiovisual facilitation is maintained under degraded visual stimulation during the perception of dynamic emotion expressions. In Psychophysiology, 51 (S1), 3-78. Blackwell Publishing Inc. [etc.], New York, NY [etc.] (2014)
  2. Meeting Abstract
    Benoit, C.-E.; Dalla Bella, S.; Farrugia, N.; Obrig, H.; Kotz, S. A.: Non-gait related benefits of auditory cueing in Parkinson's disease. In Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 126, pp. 210 - 211. International Conference on Timing and Time Perception, Corfu, Greece, March 31, 2014 - April 03, 2014. Elsevier, Amsterdam (2014)
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