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Meeting Abstract (7)

  1. 2017
    Meeting Abstract
    Huhn, S.; Beyer, F.; Zhang, R.; Stumvoll, M.; Villringer, A.; Witte, A. V.: Effects of 6 month resveratrol supplementation on verbal memory performance in healthy elderly adults: A randomized controlled trial. In Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, 71 (Suppl. 2). (2017)
  2. Meeting Abstract
    Zhang, R.; Beyer, F.; Lampe, L.; Luck, T.; Riedel-Heller, S. G.; Stumvoll, M.; Loeffler, M.; Schroeter, M. L.; Villringer, A.; Witte, A. V.: Obesity, diabetes and blood pressure independently contribute to white matter microstructural variability in the brain. In Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, 71 (Suppl. 2). IUNS 21st International Congress of Nutrition (ICN), Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 15, 2017 - October 20, 2017. (2017)
  3. Meeting Abstract
    Kumral, D.; Beyer, F.; Husser, D.; Schroeter, M. L.; Loeffler, M.; Witte, A. V.; Villringer, A.; Gaebler, M.: Heart-brain coupling: Resting heart rate variability is associated with network architecture in the resting brain. In Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 37 (Suppl. 1), PS05-070. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, New York (2017)

Talk (2)

  1. 2019
    Schreiner, M. S.; Beyer, F.; Paul, M.: A hands-on introduction to preregistration. Workshop , Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany (2019)
  2. 2015
    Zhang, R.; Huhn, S.; Kharabian, S.; Beyer, F.; Lampe, L.; Villringer, A.; Witte, V.: Dietary patterns, obesity and microstructure of the hippocampus in healthy elderly people. 12th European Nutrition Conference (FENS), Berlin, Germany (2015)

Poster (8)

  1. 2019
    Ayyildiz, N.; Beyer, F.; Üstün, S.; Kale, H. E.; Çalışır, Ö. M.; Uran-Şenol, P.; Öner, Ö.; Olkun, S.; Anwander, A.; Witte, A. V. et al.; Villringer, A.; Çiçek, M.: Structural brain connectivity differences of children with and without dyscalculia. paEpsy Conference, Leipzig, Germany (2019)
  2. Poster
    Thomas, K.; Beyer, F.; Lewe, G.; Zsido, R.; Schindler, S.; Schönknecht, P.; Villringer, A.; Sacher, J.; Witte, A. V.: Sexual dimorphism in the human hypothalamus revealed by 3T-MRI. 25th Annual Meeting OHBM 2019, Rom, Italy (2019)
  3. Poster
    Medawar, E.; Witte, A. V.; Villringer, A.; Beyer, F.: Effect of scanner version on brain morphometric measures derived from T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging. The OHBM Annual Meeting 2019, Rome, Italy (2019)
  4. 2018
    Beyer, F.; Kharabian, S.; Schaare, H. L.; Villringer, A.; Witte, A. V.: Investigating a structural network linked to development and aging with quantitative T1 imaging. 31st meeting of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP), Barcelona, Spain (2018)
  5. Poster
    Witte, A. V.; Thomas, K.; Beyer, F.; Scholz , M.; Schindler, S.; Schönknecht, P.; Villringer, A.: Impact of obesity-genes on the human hypothalamus. 26th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB), Bonita Springs, FL (2018)
  6. 2017
    Beyer, F.; Zhang, R.; Huhn, S.; Dietrich, A.; Loeffler, M.; Schroeter, M. L.; Villringer, A.; Witte, A. V.: Structural connectivity of the reward network in obesity and its association with eating behavior. 90. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurologie (DGN), Leipzig, Germany (2017)
  7. Poster
    Beyer, F.; Schaare, H. L.; Kharabian, S.; Kratzsch, J.; Thiery, J.; Loeffler, M.; Schroeter, M. L.; Villringer, A.; Witte, A. V.: Metabolic obesity profiles and gray matter tissue loss in older individuals. 23rd Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) , Vancouver, BC, Canada (2017)
  8. Poster
    Schaare, H. L.; Kharabian, S.; Beyer, F.; Kumral, D.; Uhlig, M.; Reinelt, J.; Reiter, A.; Babayan, A.; Erbey, M.; Röbbig, J. et al.; Witte, A. V.; Gaebler, M.; Villringer, A.: Modulation of brain structure by resting blood pressure variations in young adults. 23rd Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Vancouver, BC, Canada (2017)

Working Paper (5)

  1. 2019
    Working Paper
    Beyer, F.; Prehn, K.; Wüsten , K. A.; Villringer, A.; Ordemann, J.; Flöel, A.; Witte, A. V.: Weight loss reduces head motion: Re-visiting a major confound in neuroimaging. bioRxiv (2019)
  2. Working Paper
    Morys, F.; Janssen, L.; Cesnaite, E.; Beyer, F.; Garcia-Garcia, I.; Kube, J.; Kumral, D.; Liem, F.; Mehl, N.; Mahjoory, K. et al.; Schrimpf, A.; Gaebler, M.; Margulies, D. S.; Villringer, A.; Neumann, J.; Nikulin, V. V.; Horstmann, A.: Hemispheric asymmetries in resting-state EEG and fMRI are related to approach and avoidance behaviour, but not to eating behaviour or BMI. bioRxiv (2019)
  3. Working Paper
    Thomas, K.; Beyer, F.; Lewe, G.; Zhang, R.; Schindler , S.; Schönknecht, P.; Sturmvoll , M.; Villringer, A.; Witte, A. V.: Altered hypothalamic microstructure in human obesity. BioRxiv (2019)
  4. Working Paper
    Hofer, E.; Roshchupkin, G. V.; Adams, H. H. H.; Knol, M. J.; Lin, H.; Li, S.; Zare, H.; Ahmad, S.; Armstrong, N. J.; Satizabal, C. L. et al.; Bernard, M.; Bis, J. C.; Gillespie, N. A.; Luciano, M.; Mishra, A.; Scholz, M.; Teumer, A.; Xia, R.; Jian, X.; Mosley, T. H.; Saba, Y.; Pirpamer, L.; Seiler, S.; Becker, J. T.; Carmichael, O.; Rotter, J. I.; Psaty, B. M.; Lopez, O. L.; Amin, N.; van der Lee, S. J.; Yang, Q.; Himali, J. J.; Maillard, P.; Beiser, A. S.; DeCarli, C.; Karama, S.; Lewis, L.; Harris, M.; Bastin, M. E.; Deary, I. J.; Witte, A. V.; Beyer, F.; Loeffler, M.; Mather, K. A.; Schofield, P. R.; Thalamuthu, A.; Kwok, J. B.; Wright, M. J.; Ames, D.; Trollor, J.; Jiang, J.; Brodaty, H.; Wen, W.; Vernooij, M. W.; Hofman, A.; Uitterlinden, A. G.; Niessen, W. J.; Wittfeld, K.; Bülow, R.; Völker, U.; Pausova, Z.; Pike, G. B.; Maingault, S.; Crivello, F.; Tzourio, C.; Amouye, P.; Mazoyer, B.; Neale, M. C.; Franz, C. E.; Lyons, M. J.; Panizzon, M. S.; Andreassen, O. A.; Dale, A. M.; Logue, M.; Grasby, K. L.; Jahanshad, N.; Painter, J. N.; Colodro-Conde, L.; Bralten, J.; Hibar, D. P.; Lind, P. A.; Pizzagalli, F.; Stein, J. L.; Thompson, P. M.; Medland, S. E.; ENIGMA consortium; Sachdev, P. S.; Kremen, W. S.; Wardlaw, J. M.; Villringer, A.; van Duijn, C. M.; Grabe, H. J.; Longstreth Jr., W. T.; Fornage, M.; Paus, T.; Debette, S.; Ikram, M. A.; Schmidt, H.; Schmid, R.; Seshadr, S.: Genetic determinants of cortical structure (thickness, surface area and volumes) among disease free adults in the CHARGE Consortium. bioRxiv (2019)
  5. Working Paper
    Shin, J.; Ma, S.; Hofer, E.; Patel, Y.; Roshchupkin, G. V.; Sousa, A. M.; Jian, X.; Gottesman, R.; Mosley, T. H.; Fornage, M. et al.; Saba, Y.; Pirpamer, L.; Schmidt, R.; Schmidt, H.; Carrion-Castillo, A.; Crivello, F.; Mazoyer, B.; Bis, J. C.; Li, S.; Yang, Q.; Luciano, M.; Karama, S.; Lewis, L.; Bastin, M.; Harris, M. A.; Wardlaw, J. M.; Deary, I. E.; Scholz, M.; Loeffler, M.; Witte, A. V.; Beyer, F.; Villringer, A.; Armstrong, N. J.; Mather, K. A.; Ames, D. .; Jiang, J.; Kwok, J. B.; Schofield, P. R.; Thalamuthu, A. .; Trollor, J. N.; Wright, M. J.; Brodaty, H.; Wen, W.; Sachdev, P. S.; Terzikhan, N.; Evans, T. E.; Adams, H. H. H. H.; Ikram, M. A.; Frenzel, S.; van der Auwera-Palitschka, S.; Wittfeld, K.; Bülow, R.; Grabe, H. J.; Tzourio, C. .; Mishra , A.; Maingault, S.; Debette, S.; Gillespie, N. A.; Franz, C. E.; Kremen, W. S.; Ding, L.; Jahanshad, N.; ENIGMA Consortium; Sestan, N.; Pausova, Z.; Seshadri, S.; Paus, T.; neuroCHARGE Working Group: Planar cell polarity pathway and development of the human visual cortex. bioRxiv (2019)
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