Publications of Tilo Reinert

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Meeting Abstract
Fiedler, A.; Reinert, T.; Tanner, J.; Butz, T.: DNA DSBs and HSP70 expression in proton-irradiated living cells at LIPSION. In Radiation Research, 166 (4), pp. 674 - 675. 7th International Workshop: Microbeam Probes of Cellular Radiation Response, Columbia University, NY, March 15, 2006 - March 17, 2006. Academic Press., New York (2006)
Meeting Abstract
Tanner, J.; Spemann, D.; Reinert, T.; Vogt, J.; Butz, T.: The Leipzig high-energy ion-nanoprobe LIPSION: Design of single-ion bombardment of living cells. In Radiation Research, 158 (3), p. 372 - 372. Academic Press., New York (2002)
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