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    Ballarini, T.; Růžička, F.; Bezdicek, O.; Růžička, E.; Roth, J.; Villringer, A.; Vymazal, J.; Mueller, K.; Schroeter, M. L.; Jech, R.: Unraveling connectivity changes due to dopaminergic therapy in chronically treated Parkinson’s disease patients. Scientific Reports 8 (2018)
  2. Journal Article
    Zuelke, A. E.; Luck, T.; Schroeter, M. L.; Witte, A. V.; Hinz, A.; Engel, C.; Enzenbach, C.; Zachariae, S.; Loeffler, M.; Thiery, J. et al.; Villringer, A.; Riedel-Heller, S. G.: The association between unemployment and depression: Results from the population-based LIFE-adult-study. Journal of Affective Disorders 235, pp. 399 - 406 (2018)
  3. Journal Article
    Hinz, A.; Conrad, I.; Schroeter, M. L.; Glaesmer, H.; Brähler, E.; Zenger, M.; Kocalevent, R.-D.; Herzberg, P. Y.: Psychometric properties of the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS), derived from a large German community sample. Quality of Life Research 27 (6), pp. 1661 - 1670 (2018)
  4. Journal Article
    Kynast, J.; Lampe, L.; Luck, T.; Frisch, S.; Arélin, K.; Hoffmann, K.-T.; Loeffler, M.; Riedel-Heller, S. G.; Villringer, A.; Schroeter, M. L.: White matter hyperintensities associated with small vessel disease impair social cognition beside attention and memory. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 38 (6), pp. 996 - 1009 (2018)
  5. Journal Article
    Luck, T.; Roehr, S.; Rodriguez, F. S.; Schroeter, M. L.; Witte, A. V.; Hinz, A.; Mehnert, A.; Engel, C.; Loeffler, M.; Thiery, J. et al.; Villringer, A.; Riedel-Heller, S. G.: Memory-related subjective cognitive symptoms in the adult population: Prevalence and associated factors: Results of the LIFE-Adult-Study. BMC Psychology 6 (2018)
  6. Journal Article
    Zhang, R.; Beyer, F.; Lampe, L.; Luck, T.; Riedel-Heller, S. G.; Loeffler, M.; Schroeter, M. L.; Stumvoll, M.; Villringer, A.; Witte, V.: White matter microstructural variability mediates the relation between obesity and cognition in healthy adults. NeuroImage 172, pp. 239 - 249 (2018)
  7. Journal Article
    Denk , J.; Oberhauser, F.; Kornhuber, J.; Wiltfang, J.; Fassbender, K.; Schroeter, M. L.; Volk, A. E.; Diehl-Schmid, J.; Prudlo , J.; Danek, A. et al.; Landwehrmeyer, B.; Lauer, M.; Otto, M.; Jahn, H.: Specific serum and CSF microRNA profiles distinguish sporadic behavioural variant of frontotemporal dementia compared with Alzheimer patients and cognitively healthy controls. PLoS One 13 (5) (2018)
  8. Journal Article
    Mueller, K.; Jech, R.; Růžička, F.; Holiga, S.; Ballarini, T.; Bezdicek, O.; Möller, H. E.; Vymazal, J.; Růžička, E.; Schroeter, M. L. et al.; Urgošík, D.: Brain connectivity changes when comparing effects of subthalamic deep brain stimulation with levodopa treatment in Parkinson's disease. NeuroImage: Clinical 19 (2018)
  9. Journal Article
    Luck, T.; Pabst, A.; Rodriguez, F. S.; Schroeter, M. L.; Witte, A. V.; Hinz, A.; Mehnert, A.; Engel, C.; Loeffler, M.; Thiery, J. et al.; Villringer, A.; Riedel-Heller, S. G.: Age-, sex-, and education-specific norms for an extended CERAD Neuropsychological Assessment Battery: Results from the population-based LIFE-Adult-Study. Neuropsychology 32 (4), pp. 461 - 475 (2018)
  10. Journal Article
    Semler, E.; Anderl-Straub, S.; Uttner, I.; Diehl-Schmid, J.; Danek, A.; Einsiedler, B.; Fassbender, K.; Fliessbach, K.; Huppertz, H.-J.; Jahn, H. et al.; Kornhuber, J.; Landwehrmeyer, B.; Lauer, M.; Muche, R.; Prudlo, J.; Schneider, A.; Schroeter, M. L.; Ludolph, A. C.; Otto, M.; FTLD consortium: A language-based sum score for the course and therapeutic intervention in primary progressive aphasia. Alzheimer's Research & Therapy 10 (2018)
  11. Journal Article
    Kynast, J.; Schroeter, M. L.: Sex, age, and emotional valence: Revealing possible biases in the ‘reading the mind in the eyes’ task. Frontiers in Psychology 9 (2018)
  12. Journal Article
    Bezdicek, O.; Ballarini, T.; Růžička, F.; Roth, J.; Mueller, K.; Jech, R.; Schroeter, M. L.: Mild cognitive impairment disrupts attention network connectivity in Parkinson's disease: A combined multimodal MRI and meta-analytical study. Neuropsychologia 112, pp. 105 - 115 (2018)
  13. Journal Article
    Schönecker, S.; Neuhofer, C.; Otto, M.; Ludolph, A.; Kassubek, J.; Landwehrmeyer, B.; Anderl-Straub, S.; Semler, E.; Diehl-Schmid, J.; Prix, C. et al.; Vollmar, C.; Fortea, J.; Deutsches FTLD-Konsortium; Huppertz, H.-J.; Arzberger, T.; Edbauer, D.; Feddersen, B.; Dieterich, M.; Schroeter, M. L.; Volk, A. E.; Fließbach, K.; Schneider, A.; Kornhuber, J.; Maler, M.; Prudlo, J.; Jahn, H.; Boeckh-Behrens, T.; Danek, A.; Klopstock, T.; Levin, J.: Atrophy in the thalamus but not cerebellum is specific for C9orf72 FTD and ALS patients: An atlas-based volumetric MRI study. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 10 (2018)
  14. Journal Article
    Kassubek, J.; Müller, H.-P.; Del Tredici, K.; Hornberger, M.; Schroeter, M. L.; Mueller, K.; Anderl-Straub, S.; Uttner, I.; Grossman, M.; Braak, H. et al.; Hodges, J. R.; Piguet, O.; Otto, M.; Ludolph, A. C.: Longitudinal diffusion tensor imaging resembles patterns of pathology progression in behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD). Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 10 (2018)
  15. Journal Article
    Polyakova, M.; Mueller, K.; Sander, C.; Beyer, F.; Witte, A. V.; Lampe, L.; Then, F.; Riedel-Heller, S.; Hoffmann, K.-T.; Villringer, A. et al.; Schroeter, M. L.; Schoenknecht, P.: No changes in gray matter density or cortical thickness in late-life minor depression. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 79 (2) (2018)
  16. Journal Article
    Steinacker, P.; Verde, F.; Fang, L.; Feneberg, E.; Oeckl, P.; Roeber, S.; Anderl-Straub, S.; Danek, A.; Diehl-Schmid, J.; Fassbender, K. et al.; Fliessbach, K.; Foerstl, H.; Giese, A.; Jahn, H.; Kassubek, J.; Kornhuber, J.; Landwehrmeyer, G. B.; Lauer, M.; Pinkhardt, E. H.; Prudlo, J.; Rosenbohm, A.; Schneider, A.; Schroeter, M. L.; Tumani, H.; von Arnim, C. A. F.; Weishaupt, J.; Weydt, P.; Ludolph, A. C.; Hanke, D. Y.; Otto, M.; FTLDc Study Group: Chitotriosidase (CHIT1) is increased in microglia and macrophages in spinal cord of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and cerebrospinal fluid levels correlate with disease severity and progression. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 89 (3), pp. 228 - 229 (2018)
  17. Journal Article
    Kharabian, S.; Beyer, F.; Lampe, L.; Loeffler, M.; Luck, T.; Riedel-Heller, S. G.; Schroeter, M. L.; Stumvoll, M.; Villringer, A.; Witte, V.: Gray matter structural networks are associated with cardiovascular risk factors in healthy older adults. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 38 (2), pp. 360 - 372 (2018)
  18. Journal Article
    Rodriguez, F. S.; Schroeter, M. L.; Arélin, K.; Witte, V.; Baber, R.; Burkhardt, R.; Engel, C.; Löffler, M.; Thiery, J.; Villringer, A. et al.; Luck, T.; Riedel-Heller, S. G.: APOE e4-genotype and lifestyle interaction on cognitive performance: Results of the LIFE-adult-study. Health Psychology 37 (2), pp. 194 - 205 (2018)
  19. Journal Article
    Schroeter, M. L.; Pawelke, S.; Bisenius, S.; Kynast, J.; Schuemberg, K.; Polyakova, M.; Anderl-Straub, S.; Danek, A.; Fassbender, K.; Jahn, H. et al.; Jessen, F.; Kornhuber, J.; Lauer, M.; Prudlo, J.; Schneider, A.; Uttner, I.; Thöne-Otto, A. I. T.; Otto, M.; Diehl-Schmid, J.; FTLD Study Group Germany: A modified reading the mind in the eyes test predicts behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia better than executive function tests. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 10 (2018)
  20. Journal Article
    Florek, L.; Tiepolt, S.; Schroeter, M. L.; Berrouschot, J.; Saur, D.; Hesse, S.; Jochimsen, T.; Luthardt, J.; Sattler, B.; Patt, M. et al.; Hoffmann, K.-T.; Villringer, A.; Classen, J.; Gertz, H.-J.; Sabri, O.; Barthel, H.: Dual time-point [18F]florbetaben PET delivers dual biomarker information in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 66 (3), pp. 1105 - 1116 (2018)
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