Tidyverse workshop (June 17, 2020)

with Antonio Schettino

June 17, 2020

Antonio will show us the great features of this R universe and how we can use it for Open Science.

Broadly defined, Open Science aims to make the products of scholarly investigation accessible to as many people as possible. In empirical sciences, one of these products is data analysis. How can you build your analysis pipeline in a way that can easily be inspected, so that results can be reproduced both by novices and experts? In this workshop you will learn some functionalities of the tidyverse, a collection of R packages for data manipulation and plotting that is easily readable for machines and humans. You will load a preselected dataset, manipulate it in various ways (e.g., variable renaming, filtering, and recoding), visualize it to better understand its hidden relationships, and perform simple statistical analyses. Importantly, these operations will be run in an environment that ensures computational reproducibility: if you have the initial dataset, you will be able to reproduce the final results with a simple mouse click. This workshop is aimed at people with limited knowledge of R: as you can see from the report, we will cover basic data cleaning up to simple data analysis. Participants will have to make sure that they have R and RStudio installed and fully functioning (we won't have time for basic troubleshooting). Also, data and scripts for this workshop should already have been downloaded from the GitHub repo and in an accessible folder on their computer. They should be familiar with Zoom enough to be able to connect either via web browser or desktop client. Click here to get to the workshop materials.
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