DataLad Workshop (September 28, 2020)

with Adina Wagner

On Monday September 28, 2pm (to ~4pm), the OSI is organizing a 'DataLad' workshop and has invited Adina Wagner from the FZ Jülich to provide us with an introduction and hands-on (online) tutorial via zoom.


DataLad is a version control system for your data. It is not only keeping track of code, it is not only keeping track of data, it is not only making sharing, retrieving, and linking data (and metadata) easy, but it assists with the combination of all things necessary in the digital workflow of data and science.


When publishing data, merely providing file access is insufficient for a simple reason: data are not static. Released data often (and should!) continue to evolve; file formats can change, bugs will be fixed, new data are added, and derived data needs to be integrated.


To prepare, either install DataLad on your personal laptop or login to this MPI computer server (ssh maki) if you are internal. If you want you can also have a look here to get an impression of a previous workshop:  (without bunnies or with bunnies).

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